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Đokić Lidija façade; Glass facades in daylight conditions reflect the surroundings creating an attractive effect, especially due to the intensity and color change of daylight. In night conditions, glass facades are adequate for negative lighting, enabling the transformation of the façade into a transparent surface exhibiting the building interior. Marko's Church in Belgrade is chosen as a case study, due to the fact that the quality of its exterior decorative lighting provided this building an attractive night presentation, strengthened its role as a city landmark and its significance in the panoramic view of the city.

The range of possibilities, which can contribute to the presentation, and significance of a building in an urban context are presented through an analysis of different factors, which influenced the quality of exterior decorative lighting of St. Marko's Church.

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Excellent lighting quality was achieved through lamp color appearance and rendering, as well as through the position of the luminaries. The lighting rhythm follows the rhythm of the façade and allows moderate contrasts.

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Particular spot lighting is devoted to highly valuable details. The result is a luminance distribution which contributes in great deal to the recognition and expression of the building, as well as to the visual comfort of the observers.

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The dynamic expression and rhythm, which represent the two main characteristics of the façade of St. Marko's Church, are stressed by warm color of light and adequate luminance distribution on surfaces different in value.

Dome lighting, greatly important for the panoramic view of St. Marko's Church, contributes as much to its experience from the immediate surroundings, as well as from the street view.

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The decorative lighting of St. Marko's Church represents a contribution to its appearance and the presentation of its architecture. Sanjay Jain, University of Delhi, India.

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Narendra Kumar, Raman Research