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Quick Links. Both Roche and BASF are however integrated downstream into pre-mixes; each owns and operates some seven pre-mix plants in Europe. For Eisai the advantage would be a guaranteed volume of sales and higher prices.

VITAMINS 3 Vitamins Avis Fat Burner Nutrrimuscle a group of micronutrients of various types of organic compounds required in small amounts in human and animal diet for normal growth, development and maintenance of life. Their physiological function in the organism and mode of action are diverse.

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Some vitamins are essential sources of certain coenzymes necessary for metabolism; others are involved in the metabolism of other vitamins. All known vitamins can be synthesised chemically. They have to be supplied in the diet or in dietary supplements.

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There are some 15 major vitamins. Vitamins are added to human food products to replace losses in processing, to fortify the product, and also to act as antioxidants or colourants. Vitamins for pharmaceutical purposes are marketed to the public as diet supplements in tablet or capsule form. In the cosmetics industry, vitamins are added to skin and healthcare products.

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Each has specific metabolic functions and is therefore not interchangeable with the other groups. In addition, the various group of vitamins when combined have a complementary synergistic effect.

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Inthe last full year of the cartel for these products, the vitamin E market in the Community was worth ECU million; vitamin A sales aggregated some ECU million. Table I in the Annex gives the breakdown for each vitamin product by Member State over the same period.

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A substantial proportion of their "feed grade" vitamin production is not sold on the "free" market but is employed internally in the manufacture of their "pre-mixes". These are blends containing other nutrients and medication besides vitamin concentrates which are added in small amounts to the main feed mixture.

The remainder is sold to wholesalers, pre-mixers or directly to animal feed compounders. Vitamin producers which do not themselves produce particular vitamins may buy in their requirements from other vitamin producers. The individual vitamin product markets Vitamins A and E 22 Vitamin A is a fat-soluble chemical substance lihasmassirasva poleti a variety of applications primarily in the feed industry.

Smaller quantities of vitamin A are also sold to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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Sales to the cosmetics industry are minimal. Vitamin A is necessary to ensure normal growth as well as healthy skin, eyes, teeth, gums and hair.

Vitamin E is necessary for the formation and functioning of red blood corpuscles, muscles and other tissue. Vitamin E can either be derived from natural sources or be generated as a synthetic product. There is only a very limited competitive overlap between synthetic and natural vitamin E which only occurs in human applications.

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Both vitamins are largely bought by the same customers, especially in the animal feed industry. The world demand for vitamin E is around tonnes annually, for vitamin A, around tonnes. BASF entered the market for both products inand shortly afterwards Rhône-Poulenc extended its activities to vitamin E, for animal feed only.

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The Japanese producer Eisai also began marketing vitamin E in Europe for human and animal usage in ; it does not produce vitamin A. Vitamin B1 29 Vitamin B1 thiamin is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates through its coenzyme functions. Deficiency causes reduction of growth and nervous disorders.


It is a water-soluble vitamin used for animal and human nutrition and in the pharmaceutical industry. Chemical synthesis is a complex process involving some 15 to 17 different steps. BASF ceased its own production of vitamin B1 in and concluded a five-year supply agreement to obtain its requirements from Roche.

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Vitamin B2 32 Vitamin B2 is found in all living cells and is involved in numerous reactions operating energy in cellular metabolism. Riboflavin coenzymes are essential for the conversion of vitamins B6 and folic acid into valid active form. So far, only Roche and Takeda produce synthetic vitamin B2; the others employ a fermentation process. Vitamin B5 36 Vitamin B5 pantothenic acid, also referred to as calpan plays a key role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and is therefore important for the maintenance and repair of all cells and tissues.

Dietary deficiency of calpan in human beings results in a wide variety of clinical symptoms.


In animals, a deficiency of vitamin B5 is manifested in retarded growth, impaired fertility, neuromuscular and dermatological disorders and sudden death. Reflecting its chemical composition, the price of d-calpan is double that of dl-calpan.

There are also Avis Fat Burner Nutrrimuscle producers in Japan, China, Poland and Romania. Alps Japan and companies in Romania and Poland produce dl-calpan. Both Roche and BASF are however integrated downstream into pre-mixes; each owns and operates some seven pre-mix plants in Europe.

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They supply d-calpan both to their own pre-mixing operations captive use and to other pre-mixers. The European market for calpan in was worth some ECU 35 Mis toiduained on rasvapoletid. Vitamin B6 44 Vitamin B6 pyridoxine serves as a coenzyme for many enzymes involved in the metabolism of amino acids.

It plays a significant role in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Adult ruminants are usually self-sufficient in vitamin B6, but young animals require supplements while growing. Vitamin B6 has a variety of uses in animal and human nutrition and in the pharmaceuticals industry. It is currently worth about EUR 11 million.

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Folic acid 48 Folic acid forms part of the B complex of vitamins. The name is applied to a whole group of compounds also known as folates or folacin.

It plays an important role in the metabolism of DNA and RNA, the carriers of genetic information in all living organisms. Folic acid reduces the risk of neural Avis Fat Burner Nutrrimuscle birth deformities in humans if consumed in adequate quantities by the expectant mother during pregnancy.

In humans folic acid deficiency can also result in anaemia. Folic acid deficiency in animals causes anaemia and, in poultry, reduced laying performance and poor feathering. Roche produces folic acid mainly for incorporation in its pre-mixes.