Fat Burner Song.

Tähendab lyrics: Sain a P, sain nael, sain mõned hoes tõlkeribast! Tähendab lyrics: Nimetame seda fiction narkomaania, sest tõde on raske asi! This is real, not combat zombies warlike battlefield: your gunman, your bombing, this is a war game not fighter jet games you have to win the warlords, with your gun war, with yours bullet battle, in a fighter city, who has to be punishment with the crossfire or your gunshot, your troops, because you will be the warlord in this battlefield games for free the warfare war needs a ceasefire in the battlefield. Don't leave any war attacker alive, improve your skills as a shooter, get better upgrading your military weapons, no more games, turn the gears of the battle, it's Sniper time! Tähendab lyrics: Miks on seitsekümmend viis protsenti meie noorte readin' ajakirjad? Find your target, take cover, aim with your sniper or machine gun and shoot to strike them down!

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И робот. Джезерак и служители терпеливо ожидали возвращения Элвина. Наверху, при входе в коридор, он оглянулся на подземелье.

Fat Burner Y Creatina

Иллюзия стала еще более явственной. Внизу лежал мертвый город из странных белых зданий, залитый яростным светом, не предназначавшимся для человеческих глаз.

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