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Reason to do that was fear, maybe the flu will crawl down to lungs and I will have a bronhitis or pneumonia. Master Sun was a really wise man, so apprehending the text takes time:.

Even in on a bodyweight day I make the excercise more "animal like" I walk like a gorilla on a branch, the pull up bar with my hands and afterwards just hang them as long as possible for strenghtening the grip. During the run I change the pace many times again for not getting used to I'm breathing in during 4 steps and then out during 3 steps, if running faster then in during 3 and out during 2 and if sprinting the 2in and 1out.

Started to follow the breathing pattern lately and it really helped me forward with a "quantum leap" so I'm recommending it to everyone who wants to run. Also I start breathing from a stomach while running, it helps to put more air into the lungs and the chest John Slimme Dear demokraatia get so tired so easy.

In the monrnin I do breathing excercise from S. Saradananda's book "The power of breathing". My Bodyweight has dropped, I'm a lot stronger and my mind is sharp like a razor, so I've found a right way : When reading the news and analizing them it comes clearer and clearer - mankind as it is now is beyond "salvage point" and fasten the seat belts Timothy and Dorothy- "the ride to doom" will be fast and painful.

Climatic catastrophys, hunger, diseases, You just name it- this is what waits us all in a very near future. Anyone who wants to surviveneeds to keep it simple and keep fit. Instead of buying and buying more useless crap, turn Your attention into Yourself, train both body and mind, grow stronger.

If possible purchase a house and big piece of land far away from big cities, own well is a real good idea aswell. Learn to do simple work and to get managed without modern tecnologies. Lunchtime in supermax : Universe to bless! That is were mankind has gone in a totally wrong way.

As a species we have very little or basically no empathy at all when it comes to another species and environment. We kill just to make anorher furcoat what's in fashion this season, we cut down entire forests to make fancy furniture, the list is endless.

What to speak of others, if we don't have empathy even for own species-we kill for somebodys girlfriend, we kill when we get offended, we kill for religion, again, the list is endless. It's clear that when a species reaches the level of intelligence where it's capable of using tecnologies John Slimme Dear demokraatia of ours now, that species grows to a huge danger for other surrounding species and itself too and environment if it lacks the John Slimme Dear demokraatia of empathy and an understanding of a bigger picture.

We don't yet have not one or the other. We have to understand that in a closed system like Earth, You cannot look at life and things through the perspective of one species ownwhen certain level of of intelligence and tecnology is reached. Our survival is tightly tied with the survival of surrounding species and environment of the whole planet. To survive and evolve we have only one solution- to look at everything through the eyes of the whole -The Earth as a Slimming Arm Shapers Arvamused organism, which cannot function if we keep destroying pieces of it.

Growth of intelligence and tecnological capability of one species have to rise in the same speed with the responsibility for surrounding species and environment. Stupid and o out of shape person needs loads of things to prove to himself and the others that he is a worthy and respectful member of community.

More than that ,if youre in a really good shape both mentally and physically, You dont have a need to prove anything, You just do what you like and have to do. So what keeps us from walking a path of self inproving and letting the sea of "gadgets" behind? I guess we get distractedmislead and scared.

Distracted by a giants like fashion industry, which says that without a pair of newest Armani jeans You are not a real man. Mislead by tricky priests who'll say that if you don't pray and bow to this or that God, you'll burn in hell or will not get reborn.

Scared by the capitalistic system, which tells You that if you din't support it, the world will collapse. Scared by the fear inside ourseves that if we don't buy the fashionif we don't belong to a religion and we are not part of the capitalistic system of greed and fear then we are not worthy and respectful.

Instead of all that nonsense start believing in Yourself, train and study, think and meditate,run and fight and after some time of doing all that You notice that You don'ft need fashion, religion and politics to be worthy and respectful, You just are!

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Sadly they don't give the copy of that report additional to the everyday newspaper in supermax prison, I sure like to read it. But even the tiny bit of the report, which was published in Worry by two reasons 1.

Because everything said in it John Slimme Dear demokraatia a hard truth and a minimal truth, the real situation is really much worse. I am 44 years old and serving 6. True reasons behind rebillions in those countries are not politycalbut purely economical- because of climate change and vast attack of deserts in those religions people suffer from hunger and thirst.

Hot regions on Earth are changing into deserts with high speed Sahara expension for example People from those regions are pressing north into europe in case of Mexico, which is uninhabitable too, into USA So called progress we made is really a regress, because we are changing the woeld inhabitable. Even if we change our attitude today, the inertion of world's capitalistic production machine will go on for a period long enough to still kill most of earth's population.

Without the attitude change the planet Earth is uninhabitable in years or less. Measures that have to be taken to avoid the bitter end of us all are so drastic and serious, that the readiness of people and governments to take them is 0.

To make any real changefor example the fashion industry and most of the enterntainment industry have to be shut down today this is just small example In energy section the change from possible fuels into renewables have to appear today.

That will help a lot. Billions of taxpayer money are used for that fight yearly. Every country has its own drug fighting division or several. Has that fight had really any success? The answer is NO. AAfter so John Slimme Dear demokraatia years of fight and billions spent it is more than obviousthat the methods and policy most of the countries are using to fight the war against drugs are not working.

In fact the numer of drug addictscrimes related to drugs and deaths related to drugs is rising all over the world. War against drugs is lost in a way it has been fought so far, that much is obviously clear.

The big question is- what to do? The answer is shocking, but the only one which has any sense- legalize it all! Critics will say, that I've lost my mind and I don't know what i'm talking about : Believe me, that is not the case, I know perfectly what I'm talking about. All drugs have to be not only legalizedbut produced by the state aswell.

Right now heroin addicts buy their dose on the streets, never knowing how pure or strong the drug actually is. That can cost addicts life. If it's state produced that problem no longer exists-quality of the drug is always the same.

Right now the druglord in Afganistan or Columbian mountains puts the simple villagers to work for him using treats and pennies and makes fortunes by selling heroin or cocaine produced. If drugs are legal and state produced then makeing enormous profits by selling drugs in a very short period of time illegally by one individual or small group of individuals cartel, organized crime group becomes impossible.

Process of legalization have to happen in all the world simultaniously to have strongest possible impact on a problem. So, how will the world look like a year after the total legalization? Everyone who wants to buy drugs can do so in a special drugstore showing identificating document and being at least 18 years old.

Every sell will be registered in a website which is publicly accessable, that way users are automatically registered and everyone who needs, can check if the person he wants to employ, interrogate as a suspect or whatever more, is using drugs or no.

To avoid all doubts John Slimme Dear demokraatia will be sold in every pharmacy like the pregnancy tests now, so having any doubts about your girl - or boyfriend or whoever person of interesteverybody can always ask politely to do the test before continuing the relationship.

Addicts who have a problem, can always find help without the fear of being punished for breaking the law. Every country will have a significant free human resource in their police forcewhich can be used elsewhere.

LÖWENGRIP ühe naise impeerium

The state quaranteed quality will bring down the number of overdose deaths. Huge chunk of every countries budget, which before was meant to be used fighting drugs, can be used elsewhere healthcare for example Every new drug that appears on the market, will be automatically taken into state production.

Legalization takes the 'forbidden fruit' effect off drugs, which will drop the numbers of users dramatically, especially among the youth. Organized crime will suffer a mortal blow, because no matter how powerful one or another organization is, it cannot compete with state in price and productiveness.

Legalization will stop several long burned wars is Asia Afganistan, because Taliban is mostly drugmoney financed Africa Boco Haram and al-Quaida are also partly financed with drug money fighting their wars in all over Africa and South and Central America every armed illegal organization in those regions is mainly financed with drug related money All state related isntitutions will have a weekly drugtest on workers to avoid ruling the country while 'high' : So a year from total legalization the world will be a much cleaner and calmer place with less wars and crime and more healthy and happy people.

Having a second thought before John Slimme Dear demokraatia another item You really don't need. Few days ago I threw away my old slippers and already started to fill the form of application for buying the new ones from prison shop and only in the last moment rememberedthat I have one more pair in the prison store. So if I didn't remember I would have done a totally unnecessary buy and purchased something I really don't need.

Started to go through my things here lately and discovered that I have multiple things that I don't need- shampoos, deodorants and gels for example I have skin desease psoriasis and I can only use soap I even don't remember buying themprobably did as we all often do- bought them for "just in case" I might need them. Gave them away to people who can use them and got a little bit room in my closet what is really welcome : But that's prison, where our number of things is limited, where administration controls weekly, that we don't have extra or prohibited things in cells.

In freedom Parim kaalulangus kohurakk had about 30 pairs of shoes if not more, most of them for "just in case" The list was endless, starting from little things and ending with big.

I bought loads of stuff because I liked it, never really thinking about how much I really need it or how much I'm going to use it. Biggest national interest have of course the U.

S, anybody who messes internal interests of the U. S in any country of the world is terrorist : then the others follow-there are Chinese interests in Europe and Iranian interests in Syria, Saudi interests in Yemen and Russian interests in Venezuela. There are for example Estonian interests in Mali if anybody doen't know then its a country in North Africa, Estonia again is a country in a North Europe with a 1.

There are people in every country who by some reason think, that their interests on a nationalityrace and country bases are bigger and more importantthan interests of all others. Somehow in 21st century a lot of us human beings still think that belonging one or other nation gives them more rights than the others have. Few days ago French president Macron said on a visit to U.

S that our goal is to 'never permit Iran to have a nuclear weapons'! Remind me if I'm wrong, but France is a 'nuclear' state, isn't it?! So mr. Macron says 'that it's OK for them to play with nuclear power, John Slimme Dear demokraatia it's not ok for Iran. And why is that? Iran alias Persia was a great country where culture and science prospered a long time before France. In fact Persia was a great country already when the ancestors of French ate root of the tree and lived in caves. And these are historical facts, not hatred speech.

I'm not Iranian nor Islamicin fact John Slimme Dear demokraatia a white guy who likes the taste of frogs and French culture: So what gives mr.

Macron the right to declare that France can have nukes and Iran no? It's time to grow up and change mentality. There is an interest MUCH more important, than any national interest and that is an interest of survival of all Mankind and planet Earth.

To concder the number of population on Earth 7. Macron can be the lightbringer and give up the French nukes first for example.

All the power of Mankind must be concentrated to gain one goal-survival of Man and Earth. In Estonia people take pure water in unaccounted quantities as something granted, this is the land of lakes and rivers which never suffered from thirst.

Even here in prison the tap water is drinkable and there is no limit on using it.

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We can have shower three times per day we have three hours dailywhen the hot water kicks in The lack of drinking water is one of the greatest challenges mankind is facing already. There are parts of Africa and asia where people die and suffer from thirst every day. In Europe and North America people wash their cars daily with the amount of water that could get John Slimme Dear demokraatia the need of water of whole African village.

Natural resources of water don't belong really to one or another country or nation, they belong to a planet Earth, what means they belong to every living being on Earth including plants and animals.

A lot of people have this illusion of ownership over things that were never really theirs, natural resource is just one good example in long row of illusional belongings. So let us all do something about it, let us all think and do something for tomorrow can die and suffer less people from thirst throughout the planet- I push the knob on the wall only when I really have to : Universe to bless! Still training six times per week and then have a rest on Sundays. I run three times per week 30 minutes to 1 hour during the walking hour every other day.

On remaining three days I do own bodyweight excercise - sometimes a HIIT serie of burpees or push ups, sometimes an animal walk or pull ups. I'm trying to do all the trainings outside because inside the lack of air is noticeable. It's really important to listen to own body. For example my fingers started to acke after doing push ups on fingers and I couldn't do so many repeats as before. So I did let my fingers to rest for a week and then tried again. The result was exceedingly good.

The point 2G DSM kaalulangus that when the results suddenly drop or You feel really tired it's probably the time to give certain parts of the body rest or do something different especially if You feel pain somewhere Still do breathing exercises every morning first thing and every late evening. Once or twice a week I'm doing Kundalini kryia with meditation after the run or bodyweight training, that relaxes the body.

Read very interesting article on fat in a 'Sport' magazine, Dr. Lambat from Cenfido clinic explains about the balance of different fatswhy we need fats and what happens if the balance is off, also in which products which fats are. I found that my omega -3 level is low, started to take one soup spoon rapeseed oil in the morning and before lunch, and it works- my sleep and muscle recovery are better no matter that I've done it for a very short period of time.

Balanced nutrition is a way to phisycal and mental well being and it is achieved only with self exploration method. You have to acknowledge what You eatis it good for You and if it isn't, then change Your nutrition step by step until You feel satisfied with Your condition. Bravo, Mrs. Johnson, excellent job! She tells then about her methods and lifestyle to the reporter and says in the end of part of the interview that with the saved money she and her family have been in more than twenty countries, travelling and gathering experience.

The article says that the Telegraph has entitled the Johnsons family as "the greenest on earth" I'm truly sorry to saybut by travelling into more than 20 countries by airplane this is the travel method she uses by her own words with few member family Mrs. Johnson and the rest of the Johnson family has left an ecological footprint of T. I have absolutely no intensions of discrediting Mrs. Johnson- on the contrary, I bow to her determination and inventiveness on the field of green lifestyle.

The Johnson family is just a sad example of what can go wrong on the tricky way to totally green lifestyle. By airtravelling into more than 20 countries the Johnsons ecological footprint is probably bigger I'm sure that it isbut I don't have a computer here for the exact calculations and this is why I'm writing probably than of the average U.

I'm certain that Mrs. Johnson just John Slimme Dear demokraatia had a good thought about her family travelling methods and that she will overview them and become truly 'the greenest family on earth' But enough about Mrs. Johnson let's leave her at peace and wish her all possible luck she can John Slimme Dear demokraatia and go on with the reasons I really started writing about her.

Few days ago I watched German documentary about the things advertised as green which really are not. The name of the film was the "Green lie" Germans show You on the screen how the electric cars are really not green because the electricity is produced from coal and how palmoil is not the green product at all, because massive rainforests are chopped down to establish the palm oil intustry.

About the electric cars I'm not so sure, because electricity is more and more produced from the sun, wind and wave energy and as the amount of 'green' produced electricity rises, so rises the quantity of electric cars, but all that needs calculations again for which I don't have possibility here. The palmoil example hits the bullseye, no arguing about that.

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One of the great minds of the past the particular great mind will pardon me for not remembering his name said that "the cheapest thing on earth is an opinion" I can't agree more. It is one thing to think something, to have an opinion and totally another to have a fact based knowledge.

We all think that some things are this or thatgreen or not green, black or white, because heard it from somewhere and it became a fact in our minds.

My sincere appologies to Mrs. Johnson for making example out of here : all the best Mrs. It's summer and hot for this countrytoday 27C in shadow and maximum humidity.

We don't have in cells a window for letting the fresh air in despite the EU regulation Estonia says EU regulations are not obligatory, they are just recommendational. So it's like a greenhouse when the doors are closed, I'm lucky to be alone so far, but those who sit in cell by two are in much worse condition.

For not being too cheerful about loneliness: I have asthma : That kind of conditions do strange things to Your head, I ve been with the nose John Slimme Dear demokraatia the books, studying, studying and then studying some more to keep craziness out of mind: During the walk I'm either running or doing some exercise push ups, pull ups In the early morning hours when it's a bit cooler 6 in the morning I'll do some breathing eexercise and a Kundalini kriya with attached meditation lately Nabhi kriya In the morning opening hours have played some chess too.

Being here has made me an expert at least of my own body and mind: in both physical and mental health simply because no one else cares and if You want to stay physically fit and sane in the head You just have to make healthy lifestyle mandatory, in the same time looking for all available information to obtain new ways of changing better.

Allegedly he has sexually harrassed some women who came to him with a request of opening energies and energy centres or chakras with the Indian term.

Is Mr. Mang guilty or not, is not for me to decide, but the theme itself is serious. With the the open borders and possibilities of easy moving for people all over the world loads of charlatans have moved from east to west bringing the Eastern arts of self improvement into west.

There are specialists of yogamasrshal arts, acupuncture and etc. What people don't know is that most of these specialists are charlatans who doesn't have any clue about things they are talking about and there are very few truly competent teachers. Mang got his accusations because allegedly he touched women between their les in a process of opening energy center or chakra : If that is true, then mr.

Mang doesnt have any clue about energy centres on the body. Such centers exist indeed, but energy can be moved in the body with the hand of competent teacher without never actually touching the body, taking off the clothes is not necessary aswell.

Eastern practices deal both with body and mind, misusing and wrongly using of those practices have serious health risks and those risks are both physical and mental. If You open the energy centers of somebody without proper knowledge of what You are doingm the body of that person runs out of energy, it simply John Slimme Dear demokraatia out.

The Defendant audiobook - part 12 - İngilizce ve Estonca altyazılı video

The person will soon feel anxiety, tiredness, frustration. Everyone wanting to practice one or another Eastern art of self improvement should be especially careful while selecting the teacher. Those arts can lead to serious personal disasters if misused tought by idiots: but of course they contain a great power and knowledge for everyone who has a competent teacher. The big question is can humanity get rid of them and is it possible or even necessary?

Here aggression is a part of everyday life, aggression is one of the emotions what keeping in cage will rise in You. There John Slimme Dear demokraatia more of course-anxiety, numbness, claustrophobia and etc.

Last Thursday I went to see a prison psychiatrist, a nice women who seemingly looks after herself. Told her, that because I'm asthmatic and suffer from constant lack of oxygen, depression starts to form little by little and strange thoughts crawl into the head. She looked at Piima roll rasvakahjustuses from behind her big glasses sharp features, this face and glasses give seriosity to what she's saying : and sayd: To consider that You're and asthmatic, that You suffer from condition and the constant lack of air for more than one year, You should not have only depression, You should have some kind of psychical illness by now for sure And that is said by a specialist in the mental field, who has great experience in those things sh's over 50 I bet and doesn't work for the first year What do You say to that?!

I mentioned that sometimes I'm having a second thougts about the matter of what ends first, my sentence or me?


She looked at me again and said: Death is a solution aswell and if it comes, it just comes! Coming back from that visit I thought what have just been said to me and if You out it into one sentence it would sound something like that: 'If you can take it, You'll live it through and will go out after the end of the sentence, if not, You'll just die' Luckily for me I know where to put my dark thoughts and aggression- on the paper : into my trainings and mental excercises.

One hour run during the walking hour and the silly thoughts and aggression are faded away : I'm taking it all from the angle of use- that is an ultimate challenge training, if I can handle living day by day in an almost airless aquarium with the asthma, then after that I'll handle anything and everything. It's important to learn to guide and control Your aggression. Unnecessary aggression can Kaalulangus ravi Udaipuris transformed into energy to get something done, for example, to finish any task at hand or to have a good sporting experience in the end: Concerning relations between people it's very important to understand, that many aggressive moments can pass with just smile and a few friendly words and that a lot of those moments occur because people are afraid of each other and don't want to admit it, so they John Slimme Dear demokraatia their fear into aggression.

When they see that You smile at them and hear a few good words, their fear goes away and aggression fades.

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Sociobiologists Edward Wilson and David Wilson consider religion a form of group adaptation, because cooperating individuals show the primary benefits of cooperation and altruistic behaviour, just as social insects. Religion is an evolutionary support of altruistic instincts and creates a social infrastructure to benefit a cooperative society. However, social insects merely act on their instincts whereas human beings can act intentionally even against their primary instincts, because of motives for altruist practices inspired, for example, by the narratives and concepts of a Christian tradition.


Our instant encounters now have even more fluctuations with the universal use of mobile telecommunications. As nodal links to individuals and other coexisting worlds, they change the cityscape and divert activities in the city from within and afar. Neither do growing levels of transit mobility and speed capacity provide any more freedom and safety.

An individual is easily overwhelmed by consumerist techno-fever. Floating signs, information billboards and digital media have built a new dimension that stupefies our consciousness and forms of dominance.

For those living in the cities, the need to be mobile simply means the possibility of deviated circulation, the adaptation to countless Kaalulangus Napunaiteid sidrunimahlaga, an ability to shield and the chance to escape surveillance.

The plasmodium, or slime mould, is a primitive life form commonly found in forest ecosystems. When unfavourable conditions occur, the plasmodium changes from an animal-like multinucleate protoplasm to a single-nucleus fungus, thus adapting to its surroundings via migration and a renewable life cycle. The plasmodium reflects the content of our clammy urban living.

People survive by utilising simple technology and the resources at hand, and by maintaining interdependent and intramural proto-organic relationships. Architecture and city planning were once surgical exercises that were little suited to treating urban internal micro-scale problems, while building activities are assumed to be regulated and controlled by pragmatic operations.

The formalistic urban structure of a sanitary building project excludes the latent tumorigenic factor from its formula. Meanwhile, the neoplasm-like illegal constructions and settlements are vital and spread quickly across cities, evidence of how the residue is transformed into inseparable parts of the larger city.

When the given living conditions are bad, or when the conditions get worse, people manage to recycle their limited possessions and reinvent their cocoons. The convertibility and self-help nature of the ghetto community has become a forgotten factor inside a preconceived ready-made society; worse, it has been gradually John Slimme Dear demokraatia as the remnants of an anarchic criminality.

The study of slum areas in Mumbai shows that occupants manage their everyday life through a greater sense of sharing and collaboration.

The unavoidable intimacy in a group may intrude upon individual privacy, but none-the-less is of necessity and comfort for sustaining more active momentums. The infrastructure of main water pipelines in the Dharavi area, allegedly the largest slum area in Asia, is above the ground and being incorporated into passageways, bridges, public baths, shelters, playgrounds, and work places.

Multiple stacks of living quarters and connections inside and outside of the agglomeration mix with raised highways and major railroads to produce another landscape that offers wonder and excitement. The notorious nomads of the city, the homeless, might not be without homes. Rather they are taking a pathway leading to the reconstitution of their lives, resembling a drifting spore of plasmodia waiting to reproduce itself.

Wandering peddlers John Slimme Dear demokraatia around the streets with simple personal artifacts, committed to their carts and their routes. Beneath the facade of fragility and poverty, this can in fact be read as a form of eco-wise human behaviour, used to survive in a harsh environment, and possibly to transcend it spiritually, as practiced by followers of Buddhism.

Abandoned industrial sites, private and public vacant buildings and the urban peripheries are the empty areas of a city, places that provide refuges and alternatives for people who need room to breathe and roam.

These areas of urban emptiness signify the darker side of master-planning and grand-scale development, yet somehow, even within these environments, there is room for beginning anew. Worse yet would be to fill these voids using single-minded planning methods that merely cage the potential urban vitality.